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On february 20, 1980, after the creation of Notaría Pública number 8 of Tijuana, Baja California, by order of the State Governor, a patent of Incumbent Notario was issued to Lic. Salvador Lémus Calderón, who was first to hold this office until his death on 1993.


Upon the vacancy of the office, on November 12th of the same year, candidates to the notary function where summoned, in order to enter an opposition contest examination, by which the winner would be awarded the vacant post.


On January 20th, 1994, the examination contest was held, in which the highest score was obtained by Lic. Ricardo del Monte Núñez who was appointed to the office on the 28th of the same month, and a new patent of Incumbent Notario was issued to him, who has held the post in an uninterrupted manner since then.

WHAT IS A Notario Público?

A Notario Público is an expert in different areas of the law who, by an authorization of the state Governor, exercises a dual function that implies, on the one hand: to listen, interpret, explain and propose solutions to problems related with contracts, agreements, and other documents that parties wish to celebrate before him.


On the other hand, he also exercises a public function: the ability to attest and certify, by which he leaves evidence of such acts and contracts, and to also provide them with the necessary legal form, documents which he also guards and reproduces.


In addition, by statute, he is an auxiliary of public and fiscal authorities, and has the responsibility to calculate, collect and pay taxes and fees related to such documents, as well as to verify their conformity with applicable norms.


In summary, a Notario Público is a highly qualified legal professional who exercises a public function, that derives from the State, and involves the attesting of contracts and facts that appear before him, and is also an independent professional who gives counsel and prepares documents to those who request his services.



Our team in Notaría 8 is formed by an incumbent notario, who exercise the certifying public functions.


Four other attorneys are also part of our team. They have ample experience, are experts in different areas of the law, and have the responsibility of helping the public with counsel, preparation of documents and following up on case files.


We also have two administrators who oversee operations related to housing title issues and programs, as well as the general operation of our office.


In accounting, we have two accountants, one of whom has a long experience in corporate matters, while the other manages fiscal and general everyday operations.


In out of office matters, our team has two agents in charge of all administrative procedures that take place outside of our offices.


Of great importance in our team is the staff that helps us in everyday clerical activities such as secretaries, receptionists, archive, housing title, and general ordinary matters.


As for material equipment, we have three centers of the highest technology, dedicated to printing, copying, scanning, and storage of documents; as well as a program for the administration and following of all processes and data, with a redundant back up in a remote location.


Our computing equipment operates on an internal network, with self sufficient stand alone stations, capable of working with complete independence of the net. All programs used by us, both proprietary and commercial, have all the necessary operating licenses.




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Av. Sonora #13-3  Fracc. Chapultepec.  Tijuana. B.C.

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