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Which are those related to the incorporation, life and extinction of collective entities, such as corporations and associations.


Our services comprise counsel, planning and preparation of instruments by which commercial, civil, cooperative and stock investment, among other legal entities, are created. We also formalize the minutes of meetings and board sessions.


The merging and exscinding of corporations also correspond to our corporate area, as well as their liquidation and extinction.


Our real estate services are very diverse. They refer to legal acts by which real property is acquired, transmitted or encumbered, such as: purchase and sale contracts, gifts, barter, condominium creating, acquisition by auction, in way of payment, by cause of death, joint property division, and many other.


Among other real estate acts in which we intervene are usufruct, retention of title, liberation of warrants and encumbrances.


Other real estate transactions, that do not involve transfer of property, can be executed before a Notario, such as certain lease, bailment or easement contracts, among others.



In a mexican trust (fideicomiso), title of property is transferred to a fiduciary institution, who will hold them for specific purposes, determined by the trustors.


A fideicomiso can serve as an instrument for the transfer of property, it can be a mean of warrant, a form of associative coordination, as well as a way to assure a legal title to foreigners, in relation to the rights acquired pertaining real property in the restricted zone of borders and beaches.


It is often said that a fideicomiso is a “tailored suit” that can be used for different purposes. Among the most common we find: fideicomisos for foreigners in the restricted zones, fideicomisos of warrant, for administration, as a mean of payment, living trusts, and the assignment of such rights.

Among our services in Notaría Pública 8 of Tijuana, you can find those related to the preparation of civil or commercial finance contracts, such as loans, simple and revolving credits, as well as lines for working capital or fixed asset credits, among other.


We also intervene in the preparation of documents for real or personal warrants, to serve as collateral for civil and commercial credits, such as hypothec, chattel and fiduciary.


Among the more important users of our services for these matters we have banking and financing institutions, as well as government funds such as Infonavit and Fovissste, among others.

Credits and Warrants

In Notaría Pública 8 of Tijuana, we also provide our services in the preparation of documents by which the voluntary or legal representation of corporations and private personas is conferred.


Acts that correspond to these are the issuance and revoking of powers of attorney, the appointment and granting of powers to administrators, managers, directors and other representatives of collective entities, as well as the confirmation of acts preformed in a power of fact.


The hereditary succession is a legal procedure by which the estate of a person that has died is transferred to the legal successors.


This procedure can have a will or testament as a cause, which originates a “testamentary succession” or, in the absence of such, it will have the law as a cause, in which case it will be a “legitimate” or “intestate succession”. These procedures can also be refered to as “probate”.


In both cases, when the interested parties have legal capacity, are of age, and have no conflict, the procedure can be held in Notaría Pública 8 of Tijuana, regardless of there being a testament or not.


The services we provide consist in counseling and helping the successors in the preparation of documents by which their rights are determined and accredited, inventories of the estate are formed, liquidation of debts that were left on death are resolved and liquidated, and the preparation of the final title transfer documents to the heirs and successors.


In Notaría Pública 8 of Tijuana, we intervene in the planning of the succession of persons, formalizing their testament, which is the document where a person’s last will is consigned.


In order to prepare a testament, filing an appointment will be sufficient to speak with a Notario, who will listen, counsel, prepare, and formalize the testament, strictly following the person’s instructions.

Wills and Testaments

As acts of prevision, we offer our services to help with the preparation of documents by which a capable persona can determine and appoint a guardian to take care of such person and property in the event of their incapacity.


This is particularly important in these times in which our life expectancy has increased and, more and more, we are more likely to live longer, but not necessarily with the capacity to make legal decisions.


By these instruments, we can not only decide in anticipation who will take care of our person and property, but also how we wish that care can be exercised: with what powers or limitations.


Finally, we can also help you, before the fact, while you can still decide, state the type and quality of hospital services and medical attention you wish to receive when yoy can no longer decide.

Designation of Guardians and Care in case of Incapacity

By these acts, a Notario will attest that a persona recognizes having prepared or signed a document. Among those most common documents that need this are those by which parents or guardians authorize travel of minors.

Acknowledgement of documents and signatures

By these, a Notario will certify, at the request of an interested party, the existence of one or several acts that are witnessed by or known to the Notario.

Notarial certifications

In these cases, the Notario will certify that a copy agrees with the original that has been presented to him. These copies will, usually, have the same legal proving value as the original from which they come from.

Certification of documents



Real Estate


Credits and Warrants


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Av. Sonora #13-3  Fracc. Chapultepec.  Tijuana. B.C.

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