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The protection of your personal data is very important to us. This NOTICE OF PRIVACY has been prepared in order to comply with the FEDERAL LAW FOR THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION IN POSESSION OF PRIVATE PARTIES, and its purpose is to inform you the type of personal information we obtain from you, how we use them, and to whom they are shared.


What personal information we obtain from you? As a user of any of our services we can request personal information that may change, according to each case, and is related to:

• Name, address and date of birth

• Email and telephone number

• Economic information, such as bank accounts, credits, personal and real property, assets, liabilities, among others

• Information related to your spouse, heirs, and beneficiaries.

• Proof of identity and the information you declare.

• CURP, if you have one.


How do we use your personal information? In our office we obtain and use your personal information to fulfill the following:

• Confirm your identity

• Understand and cater to your needs of legal and notarial nature.

• To provide the acts and contracts you enter into with legal security and certainty; which can be transfer of title and ownership of the sort of: purchase and sales, gifts, exchanges, probate, acquisitions in auction, trusts, condominiums, testaments, warrants, certifications of facts, witnessing signatures and certification of documents, among others.

• To prepare the notarial instruments of your interest.

• To provide legal counsel.

• To comply with legal requirements that may apply.

• To verify the information that is provided.


With whom and for what purposes we share your information?

Our personnel treat your personal information for the main purpose of preparing the notarial instruments that you request. Therefore, your personal information is not shared with any third strange party except for the compliance of legal obligations to competent authorities such as public registries, fiscal authorities and judicial authorities.


How to limit the use or sharing of your personal information? You can limit the use and sharing of your personal information by the following means:

• Submitting a written request to our office, to the person in charge of privacy compliance.

• Submitting an email to the following electronic address: info@notariaocho.com

• Calling, free of charge, to +52 (664) 686-3137


How to access, amend, cancel or object to the treatment of your personal information?

Your right to access, amend, rectify, and cancel your information, as well as that to revoke your consent, can be exercised submitting a written request to our domicile, to the person in charge of privacy compliance or by e-mail to info@notariaocho.com or calling, free of charge to +52 (664) 686-3137 in the understanding that once the information is incorporated to the legal notarial instrument, none of those rights can be exercised related to them, but only for the information in the data base of our office.


How to know of changes in this Notice of Privacy? This notice of privacy may be modified and updated, therefore we agree to keep you informed of changes by either of the following:

• Our web page www.notariaohco.com

• Email

• The first contact we have with you after such changes.


How to contact us? If you have any questions related to this notice, you can submitt them to:

• Our electronic address: info@notariaocho.com

• Our postal address, in care of Rosarita Salgado, in charge of privacy compliance.

• Our telephone number +52 (664) 686-3137


The text of this notice is available at, and copies may be obtained from, our web page www.notariaocho.com in the section of “Privacy”.

Revisions of the Notice of Privacy Last revision: August 2016.

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